The creators

The creators

Sonia Babecoff, born in Geneva, studied business and then joined a textile
business where she led various departments for a number of years.

Over time she specialised in bed linen, naturally discovering a
genuine passion. A clear connection was established and this sparked
a change in her life.
One thing became clear to her: bedding is not just an element of decoration
in the bedroom, but it's a second skin, reflecting everyone's
identity: “It dresses me, makes me feel beautiful, I feel myself,
it is a vital part of my wardrobe…”

Sonia decided to create Doran Sou, the brand with which she

would be able to express her complex creativity, her love of new ideas,
her different, surprising and original vision.
She is joined by stylist Stéphanie Badina, a lover of art, design and fashion,
resolutely modern, she has a particular gift for choice, associating shapes
and colours.

A combination of new and innovative personalities revealing, through the collections,
feminine, sensual and elegant stories with some bedding
which are unveiled in the world of ready-to-wear.



Doran Sou bed linen takes on a new meaning, defies rules
and revolutionises traditional views.

Always viewed as an element of decoration bringing ambiance
to the bedroom, the brand is moving to focus on a new philosophy.
We recognise that in the same way as clothes, bedding is worn as an identity
and is individual to each person. Bedding doesn't just decorate a room, it dresses and
beautifies us based on a style or look, for an occasion or quite simply for our pleasure in
feeling at home in our bed. The brand shows it in contact with the body, in an
artistic way, beautiful, uninhibited, permanently unveiling a great day.

Doran Sou’s resolutely feminine creations are inspired by fashion. They follow
a number of current trends and therefore a wide range of designs. We do not
seek to offer a unique universe but rather stand out through our different
ranges which complement all wardrobes.

Attention to stitching details allows to offer elaborate, original, innovative pieces, A specificity
once again linked to fashion.

Doran Sou also provides accessories and t-shirt collections which
clearly highlight the link with our concept.